Rochester Lilac Festival 2016

What an honor it was to work the Rochester Lilac Festival this year! Ten days of Rochesterians coming together for live music, great food, parades, artisans, a wine tasting, a brew fest and so much more….
Here’s a just few personal favorite images that I think speak to the passionate people and musicians I had the opportunity to photograph over the course of the festival…..the keyword here is passion, people 🙂
You can check out additional work I shot for the festival at the website here or on the Rochester Lilac Festival facebook page


  1. Jim Buscemi

    These are great Andy ! !

  2. Elizabeth Louise

    Just beautiful Andy!! You should be so proud of yourself! you have truly bloomed into a lilac

    • Andy Buscemi

      haha….very punny 🙂

  3. Liz Savage

    Amazing as always!

  4. Michelle Day

    Amazing amazing work Andy!!!

  5. Rich Ryan

    You’re the man!

  6. Jenny LoMaglio

    Andy it was a pleasure working with you, and the photos are amazzzzing

  7. Lynn Sindoni

    Love the connections of people, wonderful work!

    • Andy Buscemi

      ….good to see you too!

  8. Anna Natalie

    You really have a way with the arts! Amazing!

  9. Erin Lee

    Truly great pictures, Andy!

  10. Paul Rusinko

    Dee Ponder, there’s a great photograph of you on stage

  11. Dee Ponder

    omg these are soo good!

    • Paul Rusinko

      Andy’s a bit of an artistic genius (shhh)

  12. Mike Grogan

    Great stuff Andy. Been waiting to see them after listening to your podcast.