2014: Year in Review

From a beautiful winter wedding through a New Year’s Eve kiss, thanks so much to all the amazing people that trusted me to photograph their story in 2014!
Selecting these images and knowing the way a particular photograph unfolded, is always an interesting look back on the year. While my general rule of thumb when selecting portfolio images is to distance myself from my involvement, in many cases this year I did find myself selecting images that may not be the strongest photo but was the strongest moment that tells a story. I think the reason for this is because as much as showing these images can be a nice promotional piece for people visiting my site throughout the year, I also view this as a personal diary of my growth as a photographer over the years. Three years ago, for example, I know that there are a few photographs shown here in particular that I definitely would not have had the level of awareness to capture, or the instinct to push a couple for one more shot when the light / moment is just right.  These are the images that I’m personally most proud of, even if there might be small technical imperfections in my mind. And believe me, as somewhat of a perfectionist, that’s kind of hard to get over! 🙂
Thanks again for taking the time to view my work. I really do mean it when I say that I’m honored to have been a part of each and every story I’ve had the privilege to capture and I really do hope this shows in the work!