Who's your ideal client?

My ideal clients are passionate people (because being passionate for whatever it is we do in life matters), have an artistic frame of mind, are organized but laid back, and are willing to step outside the box and totally put their trust in me on the line as we’re working.

What makes a great photograph?
Something either works towards the good of a photograph or it doesn’t. There’s very little middle ground at all and that thought constantly runs through my mind both when shooting and editing. The many technical pieces have to be there first and then there needs to be passion, energy, love, emotion…SOMETHING in order to tell a story.
What are your rates?
Please contact me here or call me at 716-393-9303 for current wedding, portrait or commercial project rates. If you don’t connect with me initially, I’ll typically get back to you within 24 hours M-F. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!
Can you hold my date for me?

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis and remains open until both a contract and deposit are received.

Hey there…thanks so much for your interest in my work!

Real words from real people below are probably better than anything I might write here…

For more info use the connect link below or give me a call at 716-393-9303. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Let's Work Together!

There are not enough words to describe how HAPPY me and my husband were to have chosen Andy as our wedding photography. Andy is such a TALENTED photographer and we loved both our engagement and wedding photos so much. He was able to capture all the moments in our wedding in the most beautiful way, not just moments with me and my husband but also with our family and friends. Not only is Andy a very amazing photographer, but he is also just such a kind and genuine person to work with. It is tough to get so many smiles out of people (esp during a very early Indian wedding in the middle of a very hot July) but Andy has a way of saying the right things to get the whole crowd to smile. We got many compliments from our family and friends about the energy he brought as the photographer for our wedding. On top of all of that, Andy was great about responding and communication throughout the entire process. We are able to get all our photos within a month of our wedding. We hope we are able to use him for any other future events, you won’t go wrong with Andy Buscemi!

Palak (& Naman)

Absolutely amazing to work with!! I love his artistic eye and the genuine care he showed for my husband and I during our engagement session and on our wedding day. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing and I have beautiful photos that I will cherish forever. I would give Andy more than 5 stars if I could. I would recommend him to anyone. He responds in a timely fashion and is thorough in his communication so nothing is left to question. He coordinated with our other wedding vendors without us lifting a finger. But most importantly he captured our day perfectly and I love every single picture. His website and portfolio sold us and he lived up to the expectations.

Megan (& Josh)

Andy and his 2nd photographer were incredible! They photographed our wedding and were beyond amazing to work with. Andy has an incredible eye and really knows how to work a wedding. He perfectly captured our day! It’s difficult to capture emotion — and that is exactly what he did. From his photos, you can see enjoyment, happiness, love, passion.. it’s incredible to be able to relive our day through his lens. Leading up to our wedding he was responsive and excited — always keeping us on track with what to expect. Day of, he was helpful and calming. He was also so much fun! I can’t say enough good things. Anyone would be lucky to have him at their wedding!

Mary (& Matthew)

Andy and his 2nd photographer were an amazing team. They photographed our wedding in Buffalo and were perfect throughout the entire process. Communication and professionalism were extremely important to us during the wedding planning process and Andy portrayed that. While we couldn’t travel to Buffalo for our initial meeting, Andy set up a Skype session where we got to know him a bit better, he was so personal, we knew he was the right photographer for us immediately. In additional to that his portfolio was incredible. We were concerned that our photos would come out dark because our venue was mainly brick inside and dimly lit, but Andy ensured us that he would capture each moment, and he did. The photos came out amazing and we couldn’t be more thrilled. In addition to capturing each moment perfectly Andy has a way of respectfully controlling large groups of people so we were always on time. I never had to look at the clock the day of the wedding, Andy made sure we kept to schedule and we arrived where we needed to be exactly on time. I could go on and on about how happy I am that we chose Andy to photograph our wedding and is worth every penny. I hope to work with them again in the future.

Shelby (&Brian)

Andy was fun, professional, and easy to work with. Most importantly, we felt very comfortable around him (way more than the other photographers we met with in the area). Photographers need to get up close and personal with you, so you want to be able to “be yourselves” around them. We always felt comfortable around Andy and the photos captured this.

Andy was always quick to reply to emails, extremely organized, and never left us hanging. The prints turned out great, as did our wedding book. We both strongly recommend Andy for any of your photography needs.

Kurt (& Amy)

Andy is the best! The pictures from our wedding and engagement shoot came out so beautifully, and he is so flexible and accommodating. Andy is also just a blast to hang out with, and he really did a good job of making sure our personalities came out in the photos. We highly highly recommend him!

Preethi (& Kevin)

Andy is an exceptional photographer. We hired him for our wedding, and it turned out to be one of the BEST decisions we have made. He has a gift that allows him to be able to see, capture, and feel the moment his clients are experiencing on their special day. While I am sure that can be exhausting, the results are beautiful. Each and every picture that Andy took of us is exceptional. I knew I would love them by the way he was setting up each shot on our wedding day, but could not have imagined the way he artistically captured our emotional journey. Its more then we hoped for, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m a tough critic. Not only is his photography incredible, working with him was a pleasure. He was willing to customize a package to fit our needs. He never pressured us to purchase things we didn’t want or need. At every moment he was always respectful of our time, preferences, and emotions. Both my husband and I were nervous of being in front of the camera. Andy put us both a ease, and it shows in our photos. You will not get a second chance to recapture a days events. . . with Andy you wont need one.
Elena (& Jung)

I highly recommend Andy! When I started planning my wedding hiring the best photographer available was at the top of my list. I knew that the photos were all I would have left besides my memories, and that they would be the only the only lasting reminder of such a very important day. From the engagement shoot running all over NYC to the weekend of our wedding where Andy showed up with a “don’t worry about a thing this is going to be amazing” vibe everything was perfect and I have the photos to prove it. Andy is the complete professional, he will put you at ease in front of the camera, and you will get fantastic results!!
Jenn (& Chris)

Andy needs to be your wedding photographer!! He was an absolute delight. His fun personality as well as his assistant Roman meshed perfectly with our guests. He was just another friend or family member in the crowd. His work speaks for itself, as we are completely obsessed with our wedding photos. He was professional, fun, and promptly on time. His vision is stunning and we felt honored that we were able to book him. Thank you Andy & Roman!!

Heather (& Matthew)

Andy is a true gem. Being in the wedding industry myself, I’ve admired his work for many years but never imagined myself hiring him for my own wedding (let alone getting hitched in the first place!). He was one of the first vendors we reached out to but after learning he had an out-of-state wedding the DAY before ours, we reluctantly tried searching for another to fit the bill. Andy insisted he was a “madman” and would be willing to drive back to WNY to capture our day – after tirelessly searching for another artist, our hearts kept going back to Andy’s work and we gratefully accepted his crazy offer. We are so thankful for his kindness, grit, and hard work to help make this possible and couldn’t imagine spending our day with anyone else! Not only does Andy capture timeless moments, he shoots with compassion and made all of our friends and family comfortable.

Thank you for investing your heart, soul, and authenticity into your craft to create everlasting images. We can’t wait to share these with our children’s children one day!

Akrai (& Kevin)

Andy Buscemi is, without a doubt, a master of his craft — in both the art of photography and the art of human expression. Andy cares so much for his work and, more importantly, the people that he works with, that every one of his shots crackles with energy and compassion. This rare gift, to truly care for his subjects, makes Andy’s work so memorable. And that level of care and comfort radiates off him, easing the tension away from any and all that have the pleasure of working with him. When it comes to his specific set of skills and his immense sincerity, he has no equal.

Ryan (& Neethi)

I found Andy’s beautiful work online a few years ago for both of my cousins weddings. His photography stood out from any other photographer than I looked at (and I am picky because I too am a photographer). Then I got engaged and of course I wanted to work with Andy for both my e-photos and the wedding. He did an amazing job of making us both feel comfortable while being on the other side of the camera. We just got our wedding photos back and it makes me tear up all over again looking through all the STUNNING photos. Andy is the best of the best!!

Cassi (& Greg)

We hired Andy for our Los Angeles, CA wedding. Andy is hands-down, unquestionably the greatest wedding photographer you will ever work with.

His approach, meticulous. His eye, unparalleled. His energy, infectious.

As a life-long musician, Andy adds a unique sense of performance and flair to his craft. He puts you and your guests at ease, is completely unobtrusive and never fails to get the shot.

Worth every penny and then some, Andy is a stand-out gem of a photographer.
So go ahead. Do your homework, review portfolios, interview to your heart’s content—and then hire Andy.

Ian (& Brianne)

I began correspondence with Andy about a year before the wedding and his communication with his clients is excellent. I have nothing but rave reviews for Andy. From the day of, I did not have to worry about anything since we had detailed phone conversations before the wedding. He was patient as we tried to get all the shots in that we were thinking of. I received my BEAUTIFUL previews just one day after the wedding and, again, they were AMAZINGLY gorgeous. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Andy for your special day!

Zoe (&Kyle)

Andy is simply amazing. He was our photographer for our October wedding and we are so blessed to have found him. He has true talent and was such a pleasure to work with. He is professional, dependable and so talented. Our wedding book is top of the line quality and I can’t wait to show it off. I would hire Andy 100 times over. If your looking at reviews to consider hiring him, DO IT!!!

Alexandra (& Michael)

Talented, professional, absolutely wonderful photographer! Not only did we have a great experience the day of because Andy was so friendly and easy to work with, he also respected our timeline and worked hard to get the best photos in the timeline we were hoping for so we didn’t miss any important moments at the cocktail hour, etc. The photos were BEAUTIFUL. I could not have been happier with them!

Christine (& Dan)

Dream Photographer. Andy and his 2nd shooter were AMAZING to work with! From the minute we inquired about his business to the minute they packed up and left, Andy was professional, personable, artistic, and all around fun to work with. He even sent us a few sneak peaks the next morning! Andy really creates art out of our vision and we are so grateful we chose him to shoot our day! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a photographer!

Patrice (& David)

Andy was, in a word, phenomenal. Every part of our day was captured beautifully from beginning until end – looking back at our photos is like reliving a fairy tale or a dream, and you honestly feel as if you’re right within that moment experiencing the laughter and the happiness as if it were that very day. There were so many things that I missed that I am now able to enjoy about our day because we can look back at the photos and know that Andy was the eyes for us when we couldn’t possibly see it all – he made it happen, so every moment we can now experience whether we were physically present or not. He doesn’t just take photos – anyone with a camera can do that. He captures moments, he focuses on candid and raw interactions and less on the posed nature that most wedding photographers do. You can see the absolute love and intensity of the happiness of everyone – literally everyone – involved that day simply because Andy becomes a part of your day – he cares about partaking in every facet, not just in getting the shot and moving on. He has fun with your guests, with your bridal party, with YOU. He isn’t just there as a for hire – he genuinely cares about making you feel the most beautiful you ever have, and capturing the raw essence of your happiness from every angle, and every light. His heart, and his passion are evident in the work that he does – he becomes so blended into the framework of your special day that you either hardly even notice he is there, or at times you have difficulty differentiating where the camera begins and where he ends. It’s almost as if I could look at something and Andy not only captured what I was looking at, from my own view and angle, but also captured my expression while I was looking. Simply astounding, and a very rare and organic talent. He will make you feel comfortable, he’s funny, personable and engaging, and whatever we wanted that day he made happen – and then some. You will walk away from your day feeling so overjoyed by the moments you’ve just made with family and friends, but at the excitement you already can feel knowing that you not only hired the best wedding photographer in the area but you’ve also made a lifelong friend. Thank you Andy for being everything we wanted, and everything we never expected we could have in a photographer – a million times over, thank you!

Sarah & (Ron)