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Full Session

  • 2-3 Looks
  • up to 2 hour on-location session
  • Online proofing gallery
  • 12 edited digital images delivered, each in color and b&w
  • Broad print release
  • $225 retainer + signed contract to book

Single Session

  • 1 Look
  • 30 minute session
  • Online proofing gallery
  • 5 edited digital images delivered following the session, both in color and b&w
  • Broad print release
  • $125 retainer + signed contract to book
What should I wear? How many looks?

A few suggestions I make regarding clothing:

-stay away from patterns and logos if possible

-fitted clothing with dark and medium tones is suggested when possible specifically in regards to wrinkles in clothing showing more prominently in lighter tones…on that note, an iron is a good thing!

-a matte look to clothing photographs better than clothing that has shiny / reflective properties

-don’t make dramatic changes to your appearance just prior to a shoot in case you don’t like the results

Other than this, whatever you feel comfortable with / in and want to see in the work following your session. You’re welcome to either keep things simple with one look or for a full session have a second look ready to go. You’re also welcome to bring a hair or make up artist if you’d like or feel free to ask for recommendations.

What can I expect during my head shot session?


Whether we’re working in studio or on location, one of my goals for a head shot session is to get you to truly relax so you can be yourself allowing your personality to come through. It’s easy to tell when someone isn’t connected in a photograph and I make every effort to help you look your best in an authentic way when working with you. Along these lines, on a typical full portrait session where we’re doing environmental work, we usually work a couple different looks in multiple locations downtown over the course of the shoot. I definitely take a lot of photographs during each session – even for the quick session option, I shoot a number of photos in a 15-20 minute period within the same setup giving us more options to select a shot where everything comes together in a look that works best for you and how you’d like to present yourself.


When should we schedule the session?

In-studio sessions can be scheduled anytime. It’s usually best to schedule outdoor sessions one and a half to two hours before sunset for the best light. At this time I’m only booking headshot sessions Monday through Friday.


What happens following the session? How do you handle retouching images?


My goal when retouching an image is to “help people look as good as possible on a good day”. This broadly means that I clean things up but do not make any major changes to people. In more detail, I often remove many stray hairs (unless stylistically the strays works better), and soften blemishes. If there’s a defining mark that changes the look of someone this would not be removed unless requested. I spend anywhere from 10-30+ minutes retouching each delivered image for a headshot session. Within that process my editing style is to have a stylistic edge without ever going beyond natural which takes a good deal of finesse.

How many images are delivered?


The full session fee is setup to deliver 10 edits following the session of which you choose from a proof gallery following the session. While I photograph and edit with a quality over quantity mentality, you’re perfectly welcome to order additional edits at $25 per photo, which includes both the edit work and print release.


How long is Turnaround?


My off-season turnaround (December through April) is fairly quick within a week. Outside of this please ask, as it does fluctuate from 1-3 weeks on the long end depending on time of year.













What kind of print release is included?


Included in the rates you see here is a broad print release for print, social media, internet, promotional usage. Essentially, you can do anything you like with the work forever for your promotional / commercial usage with the exception of selling it for 3rd party use.


Can I use the photographs taken during my photo session on social media?


Yes, this is included in the print release with any image you receive from the session. While it’s not required, a courtesy providing credit when posting to social media is always appreciated!


I’m ready to book a session...


Give me a call at 716.393.9303 or send an email to andy@buscemiphotography.com. I look forward to hearing from you!